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(The above home belongs to Charles Simonyi. See 5/31/11 post.)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Famous Sign – Mercer Island North End – Graham – Cobb – James

The above famous sign was displayed for approximately two years (2007-2008) while a mansion was under construction on the north end of Mercer Island. Pictures similar to the one above appeared in national publications and Internet blogs. The mansion on the left was built for Justin Graham, the architect was Eric Cobb and the owners of the mansion next door, who were displaying the sign, were Greg and Carol James. The Graham house was completed in 2010 and the neighbors, the architect and the kids became friends. The NW point on MI where the homes are located is somewhat perilous for stranded boaters. The prevailing north wind in the summer will occasionally blow disabled boats into the docks of these homes. Greg said he and Justin often worked together to assist boaters who were being blown into their docks.
Justin is President of Seattle based Grakon International Inc (aka Grakon, LLC). The company is a “Global Leader in the Design & Development of Advanced Lighting Systems & Engineered Trim Components for Premier OEM Vehicle Manufacturers.”
Eric Cobb is the Principal of Seattle based E. Cobb Architects, Inc. The firm has received numerous awards and is nationally renowned for innovative design. From their web site: “. . . a commitment to modern design. An abstract vocabulary enables extraordinary and decisive manipulations in form, space and light. The work is abstract, open, fluid, light, and deliberately detailed.”
2013 Photo of Home

The above picture was among 24 pictures of the Graham mansion featured in the July 16, 2011, edition of The mansion is 6,270 sq ft with 76 feet of waterfront on 0.5 acres. The Jameses sold their mansion in 2012 (see the previous 4/22/13 post above).

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