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Friday, October 1, 2010

Bezos Completes $28 Million Home Improvement

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.Com, recently completed his $28 million Medina home improvement.  Property records show a $28 million building permit was issued in 2008 and completed in August 2010.  This was accomplished with little publicity or fanfare.  The living area increased from 13,200 sq ft to 29,000 sq ft in two buildings.  In addition there are “non living area” buildings that include the largest boat/party house (about 4,500 sq ft) on Lake Washington, a caretaker’s cottage and other buildings.  This and the Reed estates at 5.35 acres each are the largest in Medina.  Bezos has 310 feet of waterfront and the property stretches over 200 yards from the shoreline to Evergreen Point Road. The lot is wooded with a steep bank so very little of the buildings, except for the boat and dock structure, can be seen from the water.  (See pages 105 and 112 in Lake Washington 130 Homes,


  1. I assume he and Gates are neighbors since they both live in the same area.

  2. I worked on the project and it is truely the most beautiful home I have ever seen. The library is amazing with a collection that is one of a kind.and jeff bezos is very down to earth and kind person

  3. If he were really cool, he'd fund the Seattle Subway

  4. Why would private entrepreneurs fund public projects? Work with u government